Recovery Is Essential

I am so excited about you and am hoping you will enjoy this journey of freedom with me.  Recovery is Essential (RIE), my Facebook page and group is gaining momentum and I am really ecstatic about that. Now, pretty soon I will be up loading my merchandise for sale.

We have all items with the RIE logos printed on them.  We have 2 series which are:

The Galaxy Look:


And, the Word Series Look:

RIE T-Shirts-02

We can provide customized T-shirts, coffee mugs and glasses with our logo representing Recovery is Essential.  A portion of sales will go towards the named charities that my daughters picked and they are; Ronald McDonald House, WPC Dancing Divas(Liturgical Dancing), The R-H Club(Young Scientist) and Planned Parenthood.  I will be setting up my PayPal so that you can make orders on line and I will personally send you your purchased items directly to you.  See HOW EXCITED this is!!!WhooHoo….  Also, sales will go towards the 1st Annual RIE Sober Birthday Party slated for Saturday, November 3, 2018.  Now this will be a Blast.  Yes, this will be a Black Tie affair.  I will be celebrating 25 years Clean and Sober and I want the world to know it does work.  The 12-STEPS work And they are worth every STEP!

RIEgalaxy t-shirt -01

So with all that, I am asking you to comment and share your journey and your his/herstory.  And get ready to Party in the next year with me Celebrating my Recovery Is Essential.

Thank you for letting me share….

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