Shop RIE at Classics Books!!!

Shop Saturday the 23rd of April from 11 to 4 at Classics Bookshop and they will donate 50% of every sale of used books to Recovery is Essential!Help us spread the good news of living a Clean and Sober life without Shame and Guilt!Classics Used Bookshop, 4 West Lafayette, Trenton NJ 08618 We will alsoContinue reading “Shop RIE at Classics Books!!!”

RIE Kitchen Table Talk

You know must of grew up with our Moms, Aunties and Grandmother sitting at the kitchen table talking all types of stuff; well RIE-Kitchen Table Talk is conducting the same. So we invite you all to the Kitchen Table. We have been talking at the table for few months now and encourage you all toContinue reading “RIE Kitchen Table Talk”

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