Let’s Talk Recovery!

Hi All, ‘Let’s Talk Recovery’ Saturday July 14, 2018 at 9:30am to 11:30am at Westminster Presbyterian Church located 1140 Greenwood Ave, Trenton NJ.   Our featured guest will be: Kimmie Carlos,  Founder and CEO of Urban Menta Health Alliance. Annette Patterson & Reja Booker from Another Door Opens Det. Tameka Veal, Trenton Police Department. All 3Continue reading “Let’s Talk Recovery!”

1st Annual RIE Sober Soiree!!!

COME OUT AND HAVE FUN WITH US. COME AND CELEBRATE MY 25 YEARS CLEAN AND SOBER AND YOUR CLEAN AND SOBER DAYS. “Black tie affair” so that means, Ladies get out your prom dresses and/or old ball room gowns!!! Fellas this is the time to get your tuxedos ready and let’s “Jam in Style”!!! IT IS GOINGContinue reading “1st Annual RIE Sober Soiree!!!”

Charities, Charities and Charities

RECOVERY IS ESSENTIAL (RIE) WILL BE PARTYING FOR AND WITH A PURPOSE!!! Remember I told you guys, that one of the purposes of this company will be to raise money to offset not only for the sober Party, but to donate to a cause that is selected by my daughters and a special friend.  Well IContinue reading “Charities, Charities and Charities”

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