Introduction of RIE to others

Here is a letter that was sent out to treatment and recovery agencies to invite them to the 1st annual Sober Party next year, November 3, 2018. Yeahhhhhh!!!! Below you will see a letter I have written to Recovery agencies and Treatment Centers.  I am hoping they will reciprocate by spreading the word about theContinue reading “Introduction of RIE to others”

Let’s talk about the Steps

Hi,  I am going to talk about the 12-steps in my next few posts… I am going to give you my perspective of what the steps are for and how I used them to help me. These Steps kept me going and they helped “NOT” to relapse. Thank you for letting me share. So withContinue reading “Let’s talk about the Steps”

Recovery Is Essential

I am so excited about you and am hoping you will enjoy this journey of freedom with me.  Recovery is Essential (RIE), my Facebook page and group is gaining momentum and I am really ecstatic about that. Now, pretty soon I will be up loading my merchandise for sale. We have all items with theContinue reading “Recovery Is Essential”

Recovery Is Essential Soft Launch-a SUCCESS!!!

On Saturday November 4, 2017 at Classic Books downtown Trenton, NJ, 11/93-Recovery is Essential (RIE) had its soft introduction to the world.  Friends and Family showed up and we had a blast… Everyone that came out was so excited about this adventure that we are about to take off. One person stated ” I gotContinue reading “Recovery Is Essential Soft Launch-a SUCCESS!!!”

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