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My name is Stephani  and Thank you for coming to my page.  This is the home for those who are living a clean and sober life and we are not ashamed and are guilt free!  Yes we I said it, “Guilt free”!!! Find out how we do this and join the movement of living clean and sober and there is nothing wrong with that.  Yes, we all have a past, but today we are living a learned past and hope you will join us.

In Mercer County alone there is an alarming rate of alcohol and drug abuse and addictions.  In and out of prisons, in and out of suburbs and in and out of urban areas.  There is not one place where this problem does not exists.

Between functioning and over indulgence, we cannot get a handle on this problem.   There are many factors that play into this continuous problem.  We, people use drugs for many reason. We want to feel good. We want to cover some form of pain to stop feeling bad about something we may have done or what has been done to us out of pure curiosity or most importantly related to growing up and as a child “just want to fit in”.

Alcohol and drugs excite the part of the brain that make you feel good(dopamine).  After which, once it is used over and over again,  it begins to take itself because the body becomes dependent on the substance and then it becomes the problem because  now it (the body) is dependent on the drug and/or alcohol.


Thanks for letting me share and talk to you soon!!!

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