This is my life.  Last Friday I waited for him to call so that we can go out and talk and hopefully figure out some things. But yet again the addiction won.  I was again devastated and I don’t know why?  I should have been used to this already and no matter how much it happens and/or how many times he does this, I am always taken back and somewhat surprised.  I was so angry that I begin to think of ways I can get some of this pain off of my heart.

Then I realized that he may be a trigger for me and decided that I needed to go to a meeting to remind me of the very essence of my own Sobriety. This is so dis-heartening.  I tried and I am tired and now decided that I am worth better. I am worth being swoop off my feet with someone who want to love me and not cheat on me with drugs and alcohol.  I will miss him yes, but I am free from all the drama that come with the usage.  I am calm in the midst of the storms that are raging within.  Thank you for my Higher Power!!!!RIE moon T-shirt2-01

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