Introduction of RIE to others

Here is a letter that was sent out to treatment and recovery agencies to invite them to the 1st annual Sober Party next year, November 3, 2018. Yeahhhhhh!!!!

Below you will see a letter I have written to Recovery agencies and Treatment Centers.  I am hoping they will reciprocate by spreading the word about the Sober Party and what RIE is all about.

December 12, 2017
Dear Recovery Community,
Hi, my name is Stephani Register and I am the Founder and owner of a business called “11/1993-Recovery is Essential”(RIE). RIE is based on my journey living a Clean Sober Life. Moreover, maintaining sobriety through the 12-Step program. In November 1993, I hit the hardest point in my life when I woke up out of a crack coma to find out I had done something horrible and that my children had ran away. This terrified me and caused me to begin to search for something that would help me stop using. My bottom had begun. When I found out my children had ran away that night, I was devastated and felt such a pang of guilt and shame I did not want to live for myself. I hid in my apartment for three months before anyone realized that maybe I had killed myself. I felt so much pain from what I have done that I could not even look at myself for a while and I did not want to see my children either. It took me a long time to forgive myself and still now today it hurts and I still cry when I write or tell the story of what happened that cold November night in 1993.
Fast forward to the present and still living a Clean and Sober life due to my journey and the 12-step program; I will be celebrating 25 years on Saturday November 3, 2018. This seed was planted back then when I first got clean; however, I needed to live this life in order to develop a company that has been birthed in my soul. Recovery Is Essential will host its first annual RIE Sober Birthday Party for all those who are celebrating clean time. I am reaching out to your organization so that you can save the date- Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 7pm to 12am; the place is going to be announced later. This will be the Big Event for us who need a clean environment to celebrate without the negative influences of drugs and alcohol.
RIE is in the business of sailing t-shirts, hats, cups and other related items with the logo imprint on each to offset the cost for the event. If you are interested in purchasing an RIE item, do not hesitate to go on line to to order your items they can be found there. You can also send your clientele to participate in our online RIE group and on our RIE page on Facebook. Just type in Recovery is Essential and request to be added as a member and we will oblige.
Thank you for letting me share and if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me at 609-532-9906 or you can messenger Recovery is Essential on Facebook and we can communicate from there. Again thank you.
Stephani Register, Founder-RIE

RIE Letterhead-01

This is going to be epic. So please get ready for this time next year 2018 we will be celebrating all those who have clean years.  And what a party this will be.


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