One of the worst feelings we can get, is that feeling of rejection…No matter how hard we try to make it work or fit in just to be a part of something  and find out that you just didn’t make it, hurts.  It is somewhat like peer pressure and how we try to fit in by doing the very thing that is against our values, morals and our own esteem and again to be rejected.  Rejection is tough to deal with and no one talks about it. they say. “get over it”, “keep your head up”, “keep it moving’, or “you will never be accepted”, “who do you think you are”?  And the list goes on… and on…

Rejection plays a major role in addictions…

So those of us work so hard to stay Sober and not allow our feelings to fall into the rejection trap. We do whatever we have to do to stay Sober and not fall prey to the many addictive temptations that come our way!!!



Recovery Resourse

Tonight I spent some time uploading resources to both my Facebook page and group.   As I was conducting this task, I got so excited about the fun in building this community and this is leading towards gaining the momentum for our 1st. Annual Sober Party, scheduled for next year 2018.

It is time for us to recognize that the twelve steps are crucial and very important to those of us who need help. More to come…

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Praying for Vegas

I only visited once, but was very intrigues and was grateful that I wasn’t under the influence so that I can take the entire adventure in.  It was a gift given to me by my youngest daughter in 2015.  We are truly living in such a time now that is awful and being Sober is so much important to me today.

The nation is getting more and more divided and our people are dying.  What is really going on?  Please, for all of us who are living a Clean and Sober life, keep your heads up and keep in prayer for everyone.

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In the meantime keep your hearts for Vegas… (I thought I would never say this about a place such as this, however, watching the people just broke my heart)

Thanks for letting me share…

This is my life.  Last Friday I waited for him to call so that we can go out and talk and hopefully figure out some things. But yet again the addiction won.  I was again devastated and I don’t know why?  I should have been used to this already and no matter how much it happens and/or how many times he does this, I am always taken back and somewhat surprised.  I was so angry that I begin to think of ways I can get some of this pain off of my heart.

Then I realized that he may be a trigger for me and decided that I needed to go to a meeting to remind me of the very essence of my own Sobriety. This is so dis-heartening.  I tried and I am tired and now decided that I am worth better. I am worth being swoop off my feet with someone who want to love me and not cheat on me with drugs and alcohol.  I will miss him yes, but I am free from all the drama that come with the usage.  I am calm in the midst of the storms that are raging within.  Thank you for my Higher Power!!!!RIE moon T-shirt2-01


This weekend became the last weekend I decided not wait …”no more” I waited until he got off work to go out to dinnet… Thinking, maybe he has hit that bottom that is needed for him to come to believe that his LIFE, heck my life has become unmanageable… but he never showed up…left me again holding my heart in my hands trying to protect it. Yes I feel betrayed and yes he used the drugs and alcohol to cheat on me!!! Its been 3 years and I know that if I stayed I will be using again… I can’t afford to loose what I have gain the 24years I been clean!!! Bye Bye… RIEgalaxy2 T-shirt-01


WE are on our way to our 1st production of RIE T-Shirts, and other items such as; belt buckles, hats and jewelry.  I need to learn how to make them available and be able to send them out.  This is so exciting and I can’t wait for youRIE Logo2-01 to see them and wear them.. Here is an example;  Recovery is important and the arrow defines infinity… Recover to Uncover the Truth-Recovery for a life time…

WE have several options and once we are in production you will be able to order.  Thank you in advance for your support.

On another note, please Like my Facebook page “Recovery is Essential”… looking to see you and meet you.

Thank you and see you soon,

Stephani (PS, I’m watching Game of Thrones and I just got scared)


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