The Steps- it is 12 of them!!!

Im starting with  Step-12 because  I am at that point where now I am stepping down each step to start again!!! 

Let’s talk about the Steps


I am going to talk about the 12-steps in my next few posts… I am going to give you my perspective of what the steps are for and how I used them to help me. These Steps kept me going and they helped “NOT” to relapse.

Thank you for letting me share. So with all that, I may not get all the lingo right, becauses I was in and outof the rooms. But please bear with me…


Today as I was going through my page and minding my own business, while reading the other Recovery posts, I was overwhelmed with joy. Let me tell you why?

It only goes to show you that when some of us need help, we will reach out to get it. We will reach far too if it is a matter of life and death. We will Reach!!! This gave me hope as our society is so used to us not trying for the “reach” of support and help. Even with all the help out there, we still have too many people dying from these addictions. Therefore, the reach seems invalid!

This is why Recovery is Essential is important… 

Thanks for letting me share…


Recovery Is Essential

I am so excited about you and am hoping you will enjoy this journey of freedom with me.  Recovery is Essential (RIE), my Facebook page and group is gaining momentum and I am really ecstatic about that. Now, pretty soon I will be up loading my merchandise for sale.

We have all items with the RIE logos printed on them.  We have 2 series which are:

The Galaxy Look:


And, the Word Series Look:

RIE T-Shirts-02

We can provide customized T-shirts, coffee mugs and glasses with our logo representing Recovery is Essential.  A portion of sales will go towards the named charities that my daughters picked and they are; Ronald McDonald House, WPC Dancing Divas(Liturgical Dancing), The R-H Club(Young Scientist) and Planned Parenthood.  I will be setting up my PayPal so that you can make orders on line and I will personally send you your purchased items directly to you.  See HOW EXCITED this is!!!WhooHoo….  Also, sales will go towards the 1st Annual RIE Sober Birthday Party slated for Saturday, November 3, 2018.  Now this will be a Blast.  Yes, this will be a Black Tie affair.  I will be celebrating 25 years Clean and Sober and I want the world to know it does work.  The 12-STEPS work And they are worth every STEP!

RIEgalaxy t-shirt -01

So with all that, I am asking you to comment and share your journey and your his/herstory.  And get ready to Party in the next year with me Celebrating my Recovery Is Essential.

Thank you for letting me share….

Recovery Is Essential Soft Launch-a SUCCESS!!!

On Saturday November 4, 2017 at Classic Books downtown Trenton, NJ, 11/93-Recovery is Essential (RIE) had its soft introduction to the world.  Friends and Family showed up and we had a blast… Everyone that came out was so excited about this adventure that we are about to take off.20171104_140031.jpg

One person stated ” I got four years CLEAN and have been waiting for a positive project like this”  “How can I help”? Soon after, many were asking how can we be a part of this movement?

Here is how this happened, I was getting ready for work one morning and I was praying and I asked the ‘Holy Spirit’ to give me something that was a purpose for RIE, and the Spirit laid on my heart to ask my 3 girls (my daughters, who got me clean in the 1st place) to give me a charity that they were interested in and we will donate proceeds to that particular charity. Well, that was an overwhelming experience just asking them to participate, because they were really thinking the same thing and thought that this was an awesome idea. So with all that, for every purchase of a t-shirt, tote, cup and other RIE items for sale a portion of the proceeds will go towards these charities:

  • Ronald McDonald House/Westminster Dancing Divas/R-H Club and Planned ParentHood. (Charities are subject to change) 

A donation will be made to the mentioned charities and will be sent soon after the “Annual Recovery is Essential Sober Party” scheduled for Saturday, November 3, 2018!! (can’t wait to see you all there). Therefore, you all are participating in the welfare of these charities and we are so appreciative of your help.

In addition, for every self-help book and when you mention “Recovery is Essential”, at Classics books 30% of the book sales will also go towards the efforts of RIE.  This is so exciting!!!


Living a Clean and Sober life is cool and that is what we are promoting.  We are hoping that through everything we do with RIE, we will promote nothing but living a clean and sober life.  Yes, we know that is not that easy but we have proven expereinces to show that it can be done.  Come and be a part of our memberhsip.


Enjoy the pictures of the Soft Launch.  Can’t wait to show you more!!!



One of the worst feelings we can get, is that feeling of rejection…No matter how hard we try to make it work or fit in just to be a part of something  and find out that you just didn’t make it, hurts.  It is somewhat like peer pressure and how we try to fit in by doing the very thing that is against our values, morals and our own esteem and again to be rejected.  Rejection is tough to deal with and no one talks about it. they say. “get over it”, “keep your head up”, “keep it moving’, or “you will never be accepted”, “who do you think you are”?  And the list goes on… and on…

Rejection plays a major role in addictions…

So those of us work so hard to stay Sober and not allow our feelings to fall into the rejection trap. We do whatever we have to do to stay Sober and not fall prey to the many addictive temptations that come our way!!!



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